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Liposuction is known for being one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world. By getting rid of unnecessary body fat, the procedure offers beautiful results both for men and women. However, before you decide whether to take traditional liposuction or Lipo 360 in Miami, you should figure out which of those procedures is better for you. On that note, let’s go over each difference between Lipo 360 and lipo in the traditional sense.  

Why is it important to know the difference between lipo and lipo 360?

Each body is different, and not all procedures will have the same effect on different bodies. This is why it is crucial to investigate deeper what your options are so you can get the best treatment for yourself. Of course, consultation with an expert will give you the final verdict, but it’s good to know all the pros and cons of Lipo 360 before doing any procedure on your body. 

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What is traditional lipo?

What is lipo, and how does it work? You probably heard about liposuction and already have some vague idea about what it is. There are different kinds of liposuction, and each procedure has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the area of the body you wish to change. But in essence, the traditional lipo is a cosmetic procedure in which certified plastic surgeon Miami removes the excess body fat from certain areas of the patient’s body. 

Traditional lipo procedure

No matter if you seek Arm Liposuction or want to go under the Mommy Makeover procedure that includes lipo, the process will be the same. It can be performed under general anesthesia where you will be completely asleep, local anesthesia or with numbing of the area where it will be performed, or by a combination of these two options, where you will be under sedation but can breathe on your own. 

A tiny 3 to 4-millimeter incisions will be made on the area you are undergoing. The surgeon will then insert a small instrument called a cannula that will suck the fat from that area.  

Benefits of Traditional Lipo

No matter if you are doing Mommy Makeover with fat transfer or simply removing the stubborn fat from your tummy, the main benefit of lipo is that it is a simple and pretty safe procedure. It is much less invasive compared to other plastic surgery procedures, and the results are immediately apparent.  

Drawbacks of Traditional Lipo

Like in any medical procedure, there are some risks and consequences that can occur. Liposuction can cause irregularities such as blood clotting while undergoing general anesthesia is always a risky thing to do. For example, you can expect arm liposuction bruising after this procedure. Even though results from lipo are immediate, patients must follow strict lifestyle changes that involve diet and exercise. If not, you will probably gain fat again. 

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What is lipo 360?

Now that you know what traditional lipo is, it is time to learn about the other procedure and decide which one is best for you. So, what is 360 Lipo? This is basically the same procedure as traditional liposuction, where excess fat is removed from your body but done at a 360-degree angle. 

Lipo 360 will give you a better-contoured figure. It is a more comprehensive procedure where the entire area is targeted to shape your body in the perfect way. With traditional lipo, only a single area is targeted, which may lead to uneven results.    

Lipo 360 procedure 

The Lipo 360 procedure is similar to the traditional one. A board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami will make a couple of incisions on your body and use a cannula to remove fat from your arms, abdomen, and flanks. Lipo 360 targets more areas of your body, depending on what you want to achieve, so what exactly would be done depends on that. If you choose to combine Lipo 360 with BBL, you will get stunning results. 

Benefits of lipo 360 

Aside from the fact you will lose stubborn fat, this procedure will give you better results than traditional lipo. For example, a certified surgeon will take into account your whole silhouette and perform the lipo on targeted areas, so the whole shape of your body is shrunk, not just one area, like the tummy or arms. 

Drawbacks of lipo 360 

The drawbacks of Lipo 360 are the same as the traditional lipo, and if you do not follow your recovery from lipo, all the results from the procedure will disappear. Since more areas of your body will be under procedure at the same time, recovery may take longer. Still, this can vary from person to person, and each patient will have a different pace of recovery. 

Lipo 360 is also a bit more expensive than traditional lipo because the surgeon’s performance will be more elegant. It’s also more demanding since more work since several areas of your body will be under the procedure.

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How to know which treatment is better for you?

Now that you know what 360 Lipo is and the difference between it and traditional lipo, it is time to consider which one is the best for you. Your surgeon will make the decision in the end, but before you come and visit us, try to answer the following questions, and you will know which procedure to pick: 

  • Do you have fat only in one area of your body that bothers you? 
  • Would you like to have your whole body shrunk or just some parts? 
  • Are you willing to change your lifestyle, especially your diet? 
  • Why do you want to change your body? 

A lipo specialist can help you make a decision

From rhinoplasty surgery to liposuction, our certified surgeons in Miami can do wonders for your body. So whether you have excess fat after birth or fat on your tummy that simply won’t go away, you can come to the Moon Plastic Surgery clinic and consult with our experienced surgeons.If you’re not sure whether to get a Brazilian Butt Lift or implant, come and visit us, and our team will walk you through each procedure. Our surgeon will make sure you get exactly what you need according to your body figure. Send us an inquiry form below or call our Moon Plastic Surgery between 9:30 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday.

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