HD Lipo Miami (High Definition)

Having trouble getting rid of stubborn fat? Getting a sculpted body with a low-fat percentage can be difficult to achieve, but not if you opt for HD liposuction. We’ll guide you through the details of the process and help you find the right surgeon for your high-definition liposuction in Miami.

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HD Lipo Before and After Photo

If you’re curious about the results of HD liposuctions, here are several before and after photos that prove the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.


What Is HD Lipo?

HD Lipo, also known as high definition liposuction or “six pack liposuction,” is a specialized form of liposuction that is designed to achieve precise contouring of the body. This procedure can be performed on a variety of areas, including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms.

HD lipo gives you a highly defined figure, all with the help of ultrasound-assisted technology. This procedure can be combined with others, most frequently fat transfers. In this case, the fat you want removed from one area can be added to another – for example, fat from your belly could be transferred to your buttocks for a more sculpted figure.

How Is It Different From Traditional Lipo?

FeatureHD LipoTraditional Lipo
PrecisionHighly precise and targetedLess precise
AnesthesiaLocal or general anesthesiaLocal or general anesthesia
DowntimeLess downtimeMore downtime
RecoveryQuicker recoveryLonger recovery
ResultsMore defined and natural-looking contoursLess defined and less natural-looking contours
CostTypically more expensiveTypically less expensive
RisksGenerally considered to have a lower risk of complications compared to traditional liposuctionHigher risk of complications compared to HD lipo

The VASER laser reaches deep into the skin. It’s so effective that it burns fat even after the procedure. The laser ultrasound guides the surgeon to the most troublesome fat layers and targets them more precisely than traditional lipo.

Traditional lipo also wouldn’t give patients the sculpted, tight look as HD lipo would. Both procedures work, but they’re incomparable when it comes to long-term results. That’s why, if you want a mommy makeover, it’s better to get HD lipo.


What to Expect During HD Lipo: A Comprehensive Overview

HD lipo is an outpatient procedure performed under a local anesthetic. The treatment area is numbed with anesthesia to reduce bruising and make the surgery painless. When the anesthesia starts to work, a 3 mm diameter laser is inserted through the skin into the fat.

The ultrasound wave coming from the laser will break down the fat and melt it. After this, suction around the area ensures that the muscular anatomy is well-sculpted and that no damage comes to the adjacent tissue areas.

After the suction process, the tissue around the area gets massaged to form a more natural shape and bandaged. The patients are then taken to the recovery room, where the doctors monitor their health over the next few hours.


How Should I Prepare for HD Lipo Surgery?

Several weeks before the procedure, you should:
  • Be within the fat percentage and body weight range,
  • Stop smoking if you’re a smoker,
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up after the procedure.
About a week before the procedure, it’s best to:
  • Avoid blood thinning medicine,
  • Prepare low-sodium and low-fat foods in your fridge,
  • Have comfortable pajamas for recovery,
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible, if not entirely,
  • Don’t shave the target area (this can lead to infection)
  • Don’t take supplements.
The night before the surgery, ensure that you:
  • Wash your hair and bathe (as you may not be able to for several days after)
  • Don’t eat or drink anything around eight hours before,
  • Sleep enough (eight hours is ideal).

It is always a good idea to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your surgeon before the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific instructions and guidance to help you prepare for HD lipo surgery.

HD Lipo Cost: What You Need to Know

The cost of HD lipo in Miami can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The specific procedure being performed: The cost of HD lipo may vary depending on the amount of fat being removed and the specific areas of the body being treated.

  • The location of the practice: The cost of HD lipo may vary depending on the location of the practice, as costs can be higher in larger cities or more upscale areas.

  • The surgeon’s experience and training: The cost of HD lipo may also be affected by the surgeon’s experience and training. Surgeons with more experience and advanced training may charge higher fees.

  • Anesthesia fees: The cost of HD lipo may also include fees for the use of local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, which is typically used during the procedure.

On average, the cost of HD lipo in Miami can range from $4,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the factors listed above. It is always a good idea to discuss the cost of the procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon before making a decision. In some cases, financing options may be available to help make the procedure more affordable.


There are many financing options available for you to help cover the costs of your cosmetic procedure.



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What to Expect From HD Lipo Recovery

With a procedure as transformative as HD lipo, aftercare and recovery are more important than the preparation for it. Anyone who goes through with the procedure must expect at least three weeks of downtime.

During this period, patients must start on their pain medication and anything else that the doctor prescribes immediately. The operated area will swell and feel painful, but it’s nothing painkillers or some antibiotics won’t resolve.

Additionally, the doctor will provide compression garments that must be worn between one and two months; compression garments reduce swelling and bruising and ensure that the skin stays in the same shape during downtime.

Besides compression garments, some people may need to wear waist trainers. Other recovery options include lymphatic massage, which reduces swelling and removes toxins naturally, IV therapy to restore hydration, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What Does Long-Term Aftercare Entail?

Long-term aftercare also requires a lifestyle change; for some people, that means a 180-shift in eating, exercise, and habits. Every surgeon advises patients to wait for around three to four weeks before resuming activities.

You can walk and move around slowly in the meantime, but try not to exert yourself or get into heavy exercises like cardio and lifting weights before a couple of months have passed. Of course, some people progress faster than others, so your surgeon will give you timely workout and movement advice.

In terms of foods good for HD lipo aftercare, they include:

  • Fruits – bananas, apples, apricots, peaches, oranges, strawberries, and pomegranates,
  • Vegetables – greens: kale and broccoli, purples: eggplants and red cabbage, orange and yellows: bell peppers and carrots, and reds: beets and tomatoes,
  • Whole grains,
  • Lean protein – chicken, turkey, and extra lean ground beef,
  • Fish – salmon, tuna, and all types of fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids,
  • Probiotics – kefir, yogurt, miso, kimchi, kombucha, pickles, and tempeh.

What Are the Risks of High-Definition Liposuction Surgery?

There are no long-lasting risks to liposuction, especially the high-definition version done with VASER. However, patients must expect side effects, as they’re normal for the process. Side effects are welcome since that means the body’s fighting to recover and get back to normal.

Some of the potential risks of HD lipo include:

  • Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection following HD lipo. This risk can be minimized by taking care to follow your surgeon’s instructions for wound care and by taking any prescribed antibiotics as directed.

  • Bleeding: There is a risk of bleeding during and after HD lipo. This risk can be minimized by avoiding medications that increase the risk of bleeding, such as aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), for at least two weeks before the procedure.

  • Allergic reactions: There is a risk of allergic reactions to the medications used during HD lipo, including the anesthesia. Your surgeon will review your medical history and any allergies you may have to minimize this risk.

  • Damage to underlying structures: There is a risk of damage to underlying structures such as blood vessels, nerves, or muscles during HD lipo. This risk can be minimized by choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who has experience performing HD lipo.

How to Find the Best High-Definition Liposuction Provider in Miami

Moon Aesthetics plastic surgery center has the best high-definition liposuction surgeons in Miami. When you visit our facilities, you’ll be greeted with care and attention. Our doctors are highly trained in VASER lipo, which isn’t the case for many other cosmetic surgeons across the US.

If you’re curious about the procedure and whether you’re the right fit, contact us and learn about possible laser liposuction options. We have a form on our website, or you can call our office every weekday between 9:30 AM and 6 PM.




Frequently asked questions

If you aren’t fully convinced, or simply have additional questions about the HD lipo procedure and its ins and outs, the answers below could help answer some of them.

While high-definition liposuction removes excess fat from the body almost for good, it’s important not to gain more than five to ten pounds over time. The procedure’s effectiveness can be indefinite if patients care for their health and body condition.

HD lipo uses a type of laser called the VASER. This laser uses ultrasound waves and pulses to melt the fat in the most troublesome areas. 

It can be used on areas around the tummy, the buttocks, calves, thighs, and even ankles. Many people also opt for arm lipo.

The VASER melts fat on a deeper level than regular liposuction. Traditional methods imply the suction of fat from the target areas, but HD lipo also uses ultrasound waves to melt in from the inside.

To maximize the effectiveness of your HD lipo, you must follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions to a T. 

That means taking your pain medication and wearing compression garments for as long as instructed, resting when necessary, and keeping your sutures and operated area clean.

For the long term, you’ll likely have to change your lifestyle by maintaining the new weight and look. This could mean a complete 180-degree transformation in eating and exercise habits for some.

High-definition liposuction isn’t a painful procedure, although it can vary from patient to patient. 

Essentially, it is performed under a local anesthetic, so there’s no actual pain. However, after the anesthetic wears off and you’re in sutures, you’ll start to feel some pain and swelling.

This pain can be treated with some OTC pain medications, and the swelling is managed with compression garments.

Overall, the HD lipo procedure is very safe. The surgeons who perform it go through an extensive training program to learn how to do it safely and without risk.

You can trust your doctor that the procedure is safe, but if you need further convincing, you can schedule a consultation with a professional and let them explain the procedure to you. 

You can also visit our website and check out the before and after gallery.

One part of liposuction involves suctioning fluid from the fatty area. If this suctioning process goes wrong, there could be life-threatening consequences to the kidney, heart, and lungs.

However, the more your surgeon is trained for this type of surgery and educated about the complications, the risk significantly reduces. Most of the complications are rare.

Yes, HD lipo can be combined with other procedures. Surgeons recommend liposuctions paired with other types of plastic surgery, such as a tummy tuck or a Brazilian butt lift.

Why? HD liposuction is more effective when it’s performed in combination with other, complementary procedures. For example, if you want a tummy tuck, a surgeon would recommend an additional procedure on the love handles or the thighs to emphasize the results of the lipo.

Some surgeons also combine HD liposuction with other procedures within a package called “mommy makeover.” These are extensive cosmetic surgeries that do a full body makeover for women that have sagging skin and stubborn fat even after losing their post-birth weight.

A 4D high-definition VASER liposuction is a body contouring procedure that involves removing excess fat from body areas like arms, back, abdomen, and thighs. 

Its purpose is to sculpt and create a slim, muscular figure and give the body a more athletic appearance. This type of surgery removes more fat than traditional liposuction.

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