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Buffalo Hump Removal is a specialized service offered in Miami, designed to restore natural body contours and improve overall comfort. This procedure addresses the accumulation of fat in the upper back or neck area, known as the ‘buffalo hump.’ Our skilled professionals provide a safe and personalized approach, ensuring effective results to help regain confidence in your body. Discover the transformation that Buffalo Hump Removal can provide today

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What is Buffalo Hump Removal?

Buffalo Hump Removal is a medical procedure used to treat a condition known as dorsocervical fat pad, commonly referred to as a “buffalo hump”. This is a lump of fat that accumulates at the upper part of the back, just below the neck.

The hump can be caused by a variety of factors including certain medical conditions such as Cushing’s syndrome, long-term use of specific medications like steroids, and obesity. It may cause discomfort, and some people may seek removal for cosmetic reasons.

Removal is typically performed through liposuction, where the fat is broken up and then removed from the body using a suction device. In some cases, if the hump is primarily composed of fatty tissue, CoolSculpting or another non-invasive fat reduction procedure could be used. For larger humps, or those composed of more rigid fat, surgical removal may be necessary.

Key Stages of Buffalo Hump Removal: Initial Consultation to Final Results

  1. Initial Consultation: This is an important first step where you meet with the surgeon to discuss your concerns and goals. The surgeon will evaluate the area, explain the procedure, and discuss any potential risks and complications. They will also determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

  2. Surgery Duration: The procedure generally takes between one to two hours, depending on the size of the hump and the method of removal used. Most Buffalo Hump Removal surgeries are outpatient procedures, meaning you can return home on the same day.

  3. Discomfort: There may be some discomfort and soreness following the procedure. This is usually managed with over-the-counter or prescribed pain medications. It’s normal to feel a bit of tightness or pressure in the area where the fat was removed.

  4. Healing & Recovery: Initial recovery typically takes a few days, with most people able to return to work within a week. Full recovery and resumption of strenuous activities can usually be expected after a few weeks. During the recovery period, you may be required to wear a special garment to support the surgical area and minimize swelling.

  5. Final Results: While you will notice a change immediately after surgery, final results are typically visible after swelling has completely subsided, which can take several weeks. The removal of the buffalo hump can lead to a significant improvement in your silhouette, enhancing your overall appearance and comfort.

As with any surgery, results can vary from person to person, and it is important to have realistic expectations. It’s also crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-procedure to maintain the results. Always follow your surgeon’s advice for the best outcome.


Preparing for Your Buffalo Hump Removal Surgery in Miami

Preparing for Buffalo Hump Removal involves several steps to ensure the process is smooth and successful. Here are some general tips:

  1. Medical Checkup: The first step is to undergo a complete physical examination and discuss your medical history with your surgeon. This includes any medications you’re currently taking, allergies, and previous surgeries. The doctor may also order lab tests.

  2. Stop Certain Medications: Some medications and supplements can increase the risk of bleeding. Your surgeon will advise you on which medications or supplements you should stop taking before the surgery.

  3. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. If you’re overweight, your surgeon may recommend losing weight before the procedure to optimize results.

  4. Smoking and Alcohol: It’s usually recommended that you stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption several weeks before and after the surgery, as both can interfere with healing and recovery.

  5. Arrange for Help Post-Surgery: The procedure is typically outpatient, meaning you’ll be able to go home the same day. However, you will need someone to drive you home after the surgery. It may also be helpful to have someone around to assist you for a day or two following the procedure.

  6. Post-Procedure Necessities: Have a recovery area prepared at home. This should include plenty of pillows (for elevation), easy access to a bathroom, and a collection of things to keep you entertained and comfortable as you recover (books, movies, etc.).

  7. Fasting: You’ll likely need to fast (no food or drink) for a certain period before the procedure, typically from midnight the night before.

Remember, these are general guidelines and your surgeon may have more specific instructions based on your individual situation and the specifics of the procedure being used for your buffalo hump removal. Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider.


Buffalo Hump Removal Cost in Miami

In Miami, the cost for Buffalo Hump Removal typically ranges between $3,000 to $5,000. This range reflects factors like the surgeon’s expertise, the complexity of the procedure, and clinic facilities. Please note, these are approximate figures and the exact cost can vary. For the most accurate pricing, it is best to directly consult with healthcare providers offering this service in Miami.

Our Competitive Pricing for Buffalo Hump Removal at Moon Plastic Surgery

At Moon Plastic Surgery, we offer Buffalo Hump Removal at the competitive price of $2,500. We understand that our clients often wish to combine procedures to achieve their aesthetic goals. As such, if you choose to have Buffalo Hump Removal in conjunction with another procedure like a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Mommy Makeover, or Lipo360, we offer a special price of $1,500 for the Buffalo Hump Removal. This way, you can maximize your results while taking advantage of our bundled pricing.


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Buffalo Hump Removal Recovery

Recovery from Buffalo Hump Removal surgery varies between individuals, but here are some general expectations:

  1. Immediate Post-Procedure: After the surgery, you’ll likely be observed in a recovery area for a few hours before being discharged. You’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home, as you won’t be able to drive immediately after the procedure.

  2. First Few Days: You can expect some soreness, swelling, and bruising in the treated area. Pain is usually manageable with over-the-counter medication or prescriptions provided by your surgeon.

  3. First Week: You should be able to return to work and light activities within a week. You’ll likely be advised to wear a compression garment around the treated area to minimize swelling and support healing.

  4. Several Weeks Post-Surgery: Strenuous activities and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks. By the end of this period, major swelling should have subsided, and you’ll start to see the new contour of your neck and upper back.

  5. Long-term: Final results are typically apparent a few months post-procedure, once all swelling has fully subsided. This is when you’ll see the full effect of the hump removal.

Throughout the recovery process, it’s important to follow all post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon, which may include care of surgical site, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce infection risk.

Regular follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to monitor your progress. If you notice any unusual symptoms, such as signs of infection or excessive pain, it’s important to contact your healthcare provider immediately.


Understanding the Causes of Buffalo Hump: From Genetics to Medications

Buffalo Hump, also known as a dorsocervical fat pad, is an accumulation of fat in the upper back or neck area. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  1. Cushing’s Syndrome: This is a condition caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of a hormone called cortisol. It can occur when your body produces too much cortisol, or it may be due to the use of corticosteroid medications over a long period.

  2. Obesity: Excessive weight can cause fat deposits throughout the body, including the area around the upper back and neck.

  3. Certain Medications: Prolonged use of certain medications, particularly corticosteroids, can result in a buffalo hump.

  4. HIV or AIDS: In some cases, people with HIV or AIDS develop a buffalo hump due to the side effects of certain antiretroviral medications.

  5. Genetics: Some people may be genetically predisposed to carry extra fat in the upper back or neck area.

  6. Hormonal Imbalances: Conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can cause hormonal imbalances that result in weight gain and fat accumulation in certain areas, including the upper back and neck.

It’s important to note that a buffalo hump could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. If you notice a hump forming, it’s recommended to consult a healthcare provider to rule out any serious conditions.

What to do Next?

Moon Plastic Surgery is a recognized leader in the cosmetic industry, with a proven track record of successful Buffalo Hump Removal procedures. Our team combines years of experience with cutting-edge techniques to deliver outstanding results.

For more details or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. We’re here to guide you on your journey to enhanced confidence and comfort.




Frequently asked questions

Weight loss can help reduce the size of a buffalo hump if it’s primarily caused by obesity. However, if the hump is due to other reasons like long-term steroid use or a specific health condition, weight loss may not fully eliminate it. In such cases, medical treatment or a procedure like Buffalo Hump Removal might be required.

A buffalo hump is a fat deposit at the base of the neck, often associated with conditions like Cushing’s Syndrome or prolonged steroid use. A dowager’s hump, on the other hand, is due to osteoporosis and involves a curvature of the spine that leads to a hump-like appearance in the upper back.

Generally, if the buffalo hump removal is performed for cosmetic reasons, it’s not covered by insurance. However, if it’s deemed medically necessary due to a condition like Cushing’s Syndrome, some insurance companies might cover a part or the entire cost. It’s best to check directly with your insurance provider for specifics.

Yes, a buffalo hump can potentially cause discomfort or pain due to the additional weight and pressure on the neck and spine. This can also lead to poor posture and reduced mobility in severe cases.

Most patients are able to return to normal activities within a week, but it can take a few weeks to fully recover. The exact recovery time can vary depending on the individual and the specific surgical method used.

Like any surgical procedure, buffalo hump removal has potential risks including infection, scarring, and reaction to anesthesia. Your surgeon will discuss these risks in detail during your consultation.

Buffalo hump removal permanently removes the fat cells in the treated area. However, if the underlying cause (like certain medications or medical conditions) remains unaddressed, there’s a possibility it could reappear.

During the initial consultation, your surgeon will assess your medical history, discuss your goals, and explain the procedure, including potential risks and recovery process. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Non-surgical alternatives can include lifestyle changes like diet and exercise if the hump is due to obesity. Physical therapy may also help. However, these methods may not be effective if the hump is caused by certain medical conditions or medications. Always consult a healthcare professional to discuss your options.

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