Arm Liposuction Miami

Research shows that 89% of people, including men and women, are happy with Liposuction Miami because it improves their self-confidence, makes them feel youthful, and fits their clothes better than before.

Liposuction is a sophisticated cosmetic surgery that offers many benefits, including a healthier lifestyle and increased fitness. A qualified cosmetic surgeon in Miami can perform liposuction on various body parts, including arms. Today’s article will discuss arm liposuction in Miami. Read on!

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What is arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction is an advanced procedure and a little different from traditional surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure and an excellent alternative to Brachioplasty, also known as arm lift.

A qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Miami with years of experience can perform this minimally invasive surgery to remove the hanging, saggy, and loose skin on your upper arms’ underside areas.

The primary causes of the sagging skin on the underside are weight gain/weight loss, aging, and skin issues. Finding a professional surgeon with experience and skills in arm liposuction in Miami is crucial to achieving your aesthetic goals.

Arm Liposuction Miami

Arm liposuction procedure

During the procedure, your surgeon will give you local or general anesthesia. Depending on your health status, age, weight, and other factors, your surgeon may choose local anesthesia to reduce the risk of complications.

You may feel slight pain when the surgeon administers the anesthesia injection. When your arm is numb, the surgeon will start the procedure. You won’t feel discomfort and pain due to anesthesia, but some patients experience spot sensitivity during the procedure.

Some surgeons use general or sleep anesthesia to ensure the patient does not wake up during surgery. Next, the surgeon will make an incision in the specific area on your arm and remove the excess fat. Remember, arm liposuction in Miami can cause temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, tingling, and inflammation.

Benefits of Arm liposuction

There are numerous benefits of arm liposuction in Miami. For instance, you can have well-contoured arms with less fat or improved muscle strength without wasting your time doing hard-to-perform exercises.

In addition, arm liposuction Miami gives you well-toned and slimmer arms with a beautiful upper arms appearance. The results of this cosmetic procedure are long-lasting and reliable without any complications.

It also improves your self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing you to find the right-sized clothes with sleeves that fit your arms. Arm liposuction in Miami can lead to better body proportions.

Arm liposuction recovery

After arm liposuction, you will experience bruising, soreness, inflammation, and swelling. Most surgeons recommend a compression sleeve around the arm for at least 4-5 weeks. To avoid complications, make sure you rest your arms for 4-5 days after surgery.

The total recovery time is between 4 and 6 weeks. Remember, scarring from arm liposuction in Miami is minimal due to smaller incisions. However, it is crucial to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid problems.

Otherwise, you may experience problems like Lipo scars, light/dark pigmentation, indentations, contour irregularities, skin damage, nerve issues, etc. Don’t forget to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to speed up your recovery.

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Arm liposuction before and after

How much does arm liposuction cost

The cost of arm liposuction in Miami depends on various factors, such as the surgeon’s skills, medical facility, operational equipment, anesthesia, local or general, and the amount of time required to get the job done.

However, the average cost of arm liposuction in Miami is between $700 and $2,500 for a single arm. It is between $1,500 and $5,000 for both arms. Remember, the overall cost of arm liposuction varies from facility to facility.

What to do Next?

Like other liposuction procedures, such as Lipo 360, arm liposuction is an excellent way to achieve a perfect arm tone and appearance. However, it is crucial to discuss your requirements with our board-certified surgeon in Miami before undergoing the procedure. You can call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Meet Your Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mario Reyes MD

Dr. Mario Reyes has over 40 years of expertise in the field of medicine, specializing in surgery. Dr. Reyes obtained a medical degree from the University of Havana in 1970, and after that completed his residency and specialty at Calixto Garcia Hospital. He worked as a Professor Instructor of Surgery at Calixto Garcia Hospital before becoming Chief of Surgery at Manuel Fajardo Hospital. Dr. Reyes served as an emergency trauma surgeon during the Nicaraguan civil war in the early 1980s.

Dr. Ernesto Torres

Dr. Ernesto Torres is a general surgeon in Miami, Florida with over 24 years of expertise in the medical field. Dr. Torres completed medical school in 1997, is licensed to practice medicine by the state board in Florida, and is currently affiliated with numerous hospitals in Florida, including Plantation General Hospital.

Dr. Richard Lung

Dr. Richard Lung has over 35 years of experience in private practice in the United States. As a native of Panama and of Chinese descent, Dr. Lung earned his Medical Degree from the University of Panama and completed specialty training in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Lung provides a variety of cosmetic procedures, as well as highly individualized care at select hospitals in Coral Gables and Miami, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to recover from arm liposuction?

You will experience swelling, bruising, inflammation, soreness, and pain for a few days after the procedure. Surgeons recommend resting your arm for at least 4-5 days to prevent complications. The average recovery time is five weeks.

Is arm liposuction painful?

Although arm liposuction is a well-tolerated procedure, some patients experience discomfort and pain for 3-4 days due to the body’s natural response to incisions. You can take medications prescribed by your surgeon, avoid exercise and strenuous activity, and wear a compression sling to reduce the scarring from incisions.

Is arm liposuction safe?

Arm liposuction is a safe and reliable cosmetic procedure that produces excellent results. However, some patients may experience poor results due to inadequately performed surgery or ineffective postoperative care. Therefore, it is crucial to find a board-certified surgeon and discuss requirements to set your expectations.

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