Tumescent Liposuction in Miami

Want to get rid of love handles or stubborn fat on your belly? If your answer is yes, tumescent liposuction in Miami is the perfect and most non-invasive way to do it. If you wish to do a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami as well, know that you can have both procedures done simultaneously.

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How Does the Procedure Go?

The procedure involves a tumescent anesthetic and microcannula. The surgeon will make small incisions and inject large amounts of diluted local anesthetic solution into fat pockets. This will numb the area and make the fat firm and easier for extraction. The surgeon will then use microcannulas to smoothly extract the fat. The procedure is minimally invasive, and the smoother the removal is, the less pain and better results will be seen afterward.


What Cosmetics Concerns Does It Treat?

Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures performed, and tumescent liposuction is one of the safest ways to do it. From arm liposuction to belly fat liposuction, tumescent lipo can be performed on many areas of the body. This procedure will create a better and slimmer contour of your body. If stubborn fat from your face or neck won’t go away by any kind of diet, you can do lipo there.

However, tumescent liposuction can only remove small amounts of fat, so if you have a bigger area where fat must be removed, standard lipo or Lipo 360 is a better choice. It is a safe, efficient, and fast procedure, meaning it can be performed on many areas of the body. Here are some of them:

  • Arms,
  • Love Handles,
  • Bra Bulge,
  • Muffin Tops,
  • Upper Back,
  • Knees,
  • Flanks,
  • Inner Thighs,
  • Saddle Bags,
  • Buttocks,
  • Outer Thighs,
  • Belly Fat,
  • Waist,
  • Calves.

What Is the Cost of Tumescent Liposuction in Miami?

As you may know, most cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance. So if you would like to undergo tumescent liposuction in Miami, you will have to pay somewhere between $1,000 to $20,000. The final amount will depend on the area you want the fat to be removed and other costs, such as surgeon fees and other medical expenditures.

Also, the price of this procedure will be different depending on geographical location, so tumescent liposuction in Miami, FL cost will be different as opposed to Boston or LA.


There are many financing options available for you to help cover the costs of your cosmetic procedure.



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What Is Tumescent Liposuction?

There are different kinds of liposuction procedures, and they all involve removing fat from desired areas using different techniques. For example, traditional lipo and Lipo 360 use an instrument called a cannula to remove excess fat, while laser liposuction uses a smart laser device to melt the fat.

Another type of lipo you can get in Miami is tumescent liposuction. This is an advanced and modern procedure where the specialized solution, diluted local anesthesia, is injected into fat pockets making these areas become tumescent or swollen and firm. This allows experienced surgeons to remove the fat more efficiently and in a safer way.


How Long Will the Recovery Process Last?

This procedure is performed using a local anesthetic that will remain in your body for the next 24 hours, which will minimize postoperative pain. After the anesthesia wears off, most patients will feel small discomfort that can be easily managed with Tylenol. Walking is encouraged after the procedure for faster healing, and exercises can be done seven days after the procedure.

If your job doesn’t involve physical labor, you will be able to get back to work in a couple of days. Swelling will go down after a couple of days, and you will start noticing the first improvement after two weeks, although the true benefits can be seen after a couple of months, sometimes up to six months later.


What Are the Main Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction?

One of the biggest benefits of tumescent lipo is that it is usually performed under local anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about complications that can occur during general anesthesia. Also, since this is a non-invasive procedure, risks from bleeding are also reduced to a minimum.

With this procedure, you will get the same results while having fewer risks and recovery time. Another advantage of tumescent liposuction is avoiding large fluid shifts in your body that can lead to low blood pressure. This is one of the side effects of traditional lipo when a large amount of fat is removed at once.


How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Once you decide to undergo tumescent liposuction in Miami, you will first consult with your doctor. They will ask you about your medical history and whether you are taking any medication. If you are a smoker, the doctor will advise you to stop smoking because it can significantly impact your recovery. They will then take pictures of your body to see what areas you wish to contour. Also, you would be asked not to shave the area that will undergo the procedure because ingrown hair can also cause problems in your recovery.

What Are the Main Risks of Tumescent Lipo?

Like in all medical procedures, there are risks, but unlike with traditional lipo, tumescent lipo has minimal risks that occur rarely. The most common complications and risks include skin irritation, scarring, lumpiness, infections, skin irregularity, and numbness. If any of these complications happen, most of them can be easily corrected.

How to Find the Tight Tumescent Liposuction Surgeon in Miami?

When searching the internet for tumescent liposuction near me, you will see a number of names popping out of your browser. So how to choose the right one for you? The best course of action is to go and pay a visit to at least three surgeons and consult with them about the procedure. The better the surgeon you find, the results and recovery time will be. Go through other people’s reviews and see what their experiences are with that particular surgeon.

As you know, the prices will depend on many factors, and if you wish to save some money by picking the cheapest offer, we strongly advise you not to do it. If this cosmetic procedure is performed by a surgeon that lacks experience, you will end up paying even more to correct the mistakes. So when choosing a surgeon, you need to be assured that that professional knows what he is doing and will do the procedure that is in your best interest.

Consult Your Surgeon to Ensure the Tumescent Lipo Is Right for You

Not everybody is a great candidate for tumescent lipo, and the best course of action is to pay a visit to our surgeon and for some consultation. Based on that examination, he will tell you whether this procedure is the best to be performed for the results you wish to have. Maybe the traditional lipo will be better for you. Our team can help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the procedure. Contact us any day from 9:30 AM – 6 PM on Monday to Friday, and we will be more than happy to provide all the answers you need.




Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is. Tumescent lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that will give you the same results as traditional lipo. The recovery time will be less painful and will last considerably shorter.
In tumescent lipo, around 3-5 liters of fat can be removed, which is between 6-11 lbs.
If you have small amounts of fat you need to remove from stubborn areas, the tumescent lipo is a much better option. It is a safer and smoother procedure. However, if you have a larger area you need to contour, the Lipo 360 combined with a tummy tuck can be a much better solution. The surgeon will advise you on what procedure will give better results.
In most cases, yes. But once your surgeon examines you and your skin type, they will then rule out any loose skin appearing after the procedure. The small canals made during the procedure will close, causing the skin to contract and tighten. Wearing a garment can help with this process as well.

In most cases, yes. But once your surgeon examines you and your skin type, they will then rule out any loose skin appearing after the procedure. The small canals made during the procedure will close, causing the skin to contract and tighten. Wearing a garment can help with this process as well.

Tumescent liposuction is considered to be the safest way to do liposuction with minimal pain. For most patients, discomfort after the procedure can be managed with mild painkillers. The procedure itself is done in local anesthesia, meaning you will not feel anything. The pain after the procedure will last one to two days, depending on the area treated.
As we mentioned, fat will return, but it will be evenly distributed throughout your body. However, if you do not maintain post-lipo weight, the results will not be able to last. Lipo is not a way to lose weight but a tool that can help remove stubborn fat while changing the diet and introducing a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t follow these instructions after lipo, the fat will eventually return.

Yes. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, and patients are usually awake. However, some inexperienced surgeons that don’t know how to keep patients comfortable during the procedure will put them under general anesthesia. This is not a good solution, as general anesthesia has its own risks and complications.

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