Whats Better Brazilian Butt Lift or Implant

Whats Better Brazilian Butt Lift or Implant

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People with improved buttocks shape have increased self-realization and self-esteem. Embracing big butt or curves is one of the trends in recent years. Most women improve their butt size to engage in social situations actively, achieve more fulfilling relationships with their partners and feel good about themselves. 

Although exercises like jump squats, clamshells, donkey kicks, walking lunge, and single-leg deadlift effectively improve the buttocks’ shape and add volume to them, not everyone can perform these workouts. Therefore, people look for alternative ways to achieve their goals. 

Women and men are looking for cosmetic procedures to improve their buttocks’ aesthetic appearance. However, not all butt augmentation procedures are effective and reliable. The most common techniques used today are BBL and butt implants. The question is: Which one is better? Today’s article will answer this question. Read on! 

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What is BBL?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly known as BBL, is a fat transfer cosmetic procedure that allows for a more natural-looking backside. The process involves extracting unwanted fat from the patient’s other body parts, harvesting the content, and injecting fatty tissues into the buttocks. 

A qualified and board-certified surgeon in Miami uses liposuction to collect adipose tissues from your body, particularly from thighs, abdomen, or hips. After harvesting the fat, the surgeon purifies the tissues and injects them into the patient buttocks. 

Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

The purpose is to contour and enhance the area, leading to fuller and rounder buttocks. Most of the fat transferred to the buttocks survive while a small portion of fatty tissues dies. That’s why a professional surgeon in Miami injects extra fatty tissues to streamline the entire process. 

When the swelling and inflammation go down during the rehabilitation period and new fatty tissues integrate/settle, the patient notices the full results. A qualified surgeon will give you guidelines to speed up the recovery process and prevent the risk of fat necrosis. 

Remember, this is a harmful condition characterized by the low oxygenated blood supply to the buttocks, causing inflammation, infections, and fatty tissues death eventually. Avoid the risk of fat necrosis by following your health provider’s instructions. 

What are Buttocks Implants?

Buttocks or butt implants are advanced, a cutting-edge procedure that uses silicone products. Unlike injections and fillers, the surgeon places silicone implants into the buttocks by making a large incision between the cheeks of your butt. 

Sometimes, the surgeon combines this procedure with fat grafting to optimize the process and maximize the results. It takes about four to six weeks to recover from butt implant surgery. The primary objective of undergoing this procedure is to add volume to your buttocks. 

On the other hand, fat grafting and injections can’t add volume to the butt. Generally, silicone implants are effective and safe for people with insufficient fat content. However, the procedure does not produce natural results like the one achieved with BBL in Miami. 

What Results Look and Feel Natural?

Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL in Miami involves fat grafting, a procedure famous for producing natural results. The surgeon gives the patient general anesthesia during the operation and uses liposuction to extract unwanted fat from the thighs or abdomen. 

Once extracted, the surgeon purifies the fatty tissues and injects them into the patient’s buttocks. Remember, a procedure that requires a small amount of fat transfer does not require general anesthesia. 

However, the doctor uses numbing medication to ensure everything goes smoothly. The primary advantage of BBL in Miami over silicone implants is that the results are faster, natural, and reliable. 

Because a professional surgeon extracts and injects your body’s own fat tissues into your buttocks, the finished product is more natural than silicone implants. So this reduces the chances of inflammation, infections, and other complications. 

Potential for Complications

Every surgical or cosmetic procedure involves specific risks and complications. However, surgeons make substantial efforts to avoid potential complications by using effective methods and tools. 

Therefore, we recommend consulting a board-certified surgeon with years of experience to maximize the results and reduce the risk of adverse reactions. BBL in Miami is a safe procedure to achieve shapely and rounded buttocks. 

However, when an amateur surgeon operates, the chances of side effects, such as bruising, blood clots, infections, excessive blood loss, fat embolism, and deep vein thrombosis increase. 

When you follow your doctor’s advice and guidelines, you can quickly mitigate the risk of these side effects. On the other hand, butt implants can lead to a seroma, infections, and transient sciatic paresthesia. 

Other complications associated with silicone butt implants are excessive bleeding after the operation, swelling, inflammation, pain, discomfort, scarring, skin discoloration, allergic reactions, blood clots underneath the buttocks, and skin loss. 

Recovery Time

BBL in Miami is a sophisticated cosmetic procedure and a reliable method for people with enough body fat. Not only does BBL eliminate the worry of silicone implant rupturing, but it also reduces the risk of side effects and complications. 

The most significant advantage of undergoing BBL surgery is quick and efficient recovery. The rehabilitation period is pretty straightforward. So, it takes about 3-5 weeks to resume your day-to-day activities. 

BBL healing time following the surgery is not discomforting and painful if you follow the surgeon’s guidelines. However, most patients experience muscular soreness and use medications to alleviate the problem. 

Surgeons recommend avoiding sitting on your buttocks for at least three weeks. At the same time, avoid lying on your back, refrain from strenuous activities, and consume a healthy diet to speed up the recovery process. 

In contrast, silicone butt implants take up to four weeks to recover. Soreness, swelling, and inflammation are normal and subside within 3-4 weeks. Make sure you follow the surgeon’s guidelines to accelerate the rehabilitation period. 

Risks BBL vs. Implant

BBL in Miami is an effective and safe alternative to butt implants. It is suitable for people who want to even out their body’s proportions without implants. However, it requires enough fatty tissues in other body parts. Bear in mind that BBL does not help with sagging skin problems. 

Some studies show that 50% of fat survive after BBL, while others conclude that this procedure allows for settling of over 75% fatty tissues. Although BBL leads to lower risks, some people undergo a second procedure to add more volume and shape to their buttocks. Risks associated with BBL are bruising, infections, blood clots, cardiac complications, and fat embolism. 

On the other hand, butt augmentation with silicone implants is an effective procedure. However, it also comes with a few downsides, such as implant displacement, migration, and rapture. When the silicone shell that surrounds the implant leaks or ruptures, it increases the risk of inflammation and infections. 

While a leaked or ruptured silicone implant is not an emergency, experts recommend undergoing replacement surgery to reduce pocket collapse and prevent capsular contracture, i.e., internal scar tissue formation.

Remember, when you undergo a replacement surgery, you may experience the same complications if you fail to follow the surgeon’s guidelines for 4-6 weeks. So, BBL in Miami is much more effective and reliable than silicone implants when comparing the risks of both procedures. 

Which Procedure is Right for Me, BBL or Implant?

The primary benefit of BBL in Miami over implants is more natural results. The surgeon collects fat from your body parts using liposuction. Next, the surgeon purifies the fatty tissues and injects them into your buttocks. 

The resultant product after the rehabilitation period is more natural than silicone implants. Another advantage of BBL in Miami is that it allows for combining butt lift and body contouring in a single procedure. 

Moreover, butt implants are popular, but they are not suitable for everyone. You are a good candidate for buttocks implants if you have recently lost weight and lost your butt’s natural shape. Likewise, you can undergo a butt implant procedure if you think your butt’s shape is flat. 

Remember, butt implant surgery is beneficial for people with a healthy lifestyle. For example, if you don’t smoke and avoid heavy alcohol consumption, you can have butt implants to improve your buttocks’ volume, size, and shape. 

So, which procedure is right for you? It depends on the factors given in this section and your personal preferences. If you want a more natural result with a reduced risk of complication, BBL in Miami is a better choice. 

Final Words

Firm, round, full, and well-shaped buttocks are the most sought-after thing these days for men and women. Although you achieve a better buttocks appearance with exercise and diet, this requires a lot of time and commitment. On the other hand, BBL in Miami or butt implant is a faster way to achieve a shapelier and fuller result. 

Both procedures work well for people with stable weight and who do not have excessive skin. A qualified plastic surgeon recommends BBL in Miami based on the shape and size of your buttocks, the amount of excess fat you have in other body parts, your activity level, skin quality, and elasticity. If you are looking for quality, reliable, and cost-effective BBL in Miami, contact us today! 

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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