How Long to Wear Faja After Tummy Tu

How Long to Wear Faja After Tummy Tuck?

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The road to recovery after aesthetic surgery is simple and straightforward if you follow medical advice – including wearing faja after certain procedures. If you’re planning on having a tummy tuck, you must be wondering how long to wear faja after tummy tuck procedure. Worry not – we’ve explained all you need to know in the text below. 

How Long to Wear Faja After Tummy Tu

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What Is the Role of the Faja in Post-Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Faja is a type of compression garment that’s worn after plastic surgery – it’s one of the crucial post-op supplies. Similar to a girdle, faja is an elasticized garment that stretches around the midsection of the body, providing support and contouring. Fajas typically cover the area from below the breasts to the thighs. This compression garment is one of the important factors that affect the result of plastic surgery – fajas have multiple roles in the recovery process. 

Reducing Swelling

Swelling (or edema) after a tummy tuck is, unfortunately, unavoidable. It is a side effect of any surgery since that’s the body’s reaction to the trauma of the tissues, which occurs during surgery. Fajas are here to minimize the swelling after a contouring procedure – when you wear a faja, it applies pressure to the operated area, thus reducing edema. 

What Is the Role of the Faja in Post-Tummy Tuck Recovery

Aiding in Skin Retraction

The desired shape of the body isn’t achieved immediately after surgery – during the recovery, your body will adapt to changes, and fajas make sure that the final result is what your surgeon has intended. Fajas help stabilize the new contours and keep the skin in the correct place thanks to the pressure applied. They are crucial for preventing skin unevenness after plastic surgery. Additionally, fajas minimize scarring after the procedure. 

Providing Support and Protection to the Surgical Site

Fajas speed up your recovery, make sure you heal properly, and help avoid complications. They support your midsection until you’re recovered and reduce pain. Fajas also help with circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots. This compression garment serves as a physical barrier, which means it protects surgical incisions from possible infection. 

Recommended Duration for Wearing a Faja Post-Tummy Tuck

How long to wear a faja? This depends on the extensiveness of your surgery – after a tummy tuck, you’ll most likely need to wear it for 4-6 weeks since this is a larger body contouring procedure. The duration may vary depending on several factors – how much skin and fat was removed, how much loose skin is left, and how elastic your skin is. Doctors can have different recovery recommendations, and yours will tell you how long to wear a faja after surgery

Tips for Using a Faja After a Tummy Tuck

Tips for Using a Faja After a Tummy Tuck

Most surgeons will recommend wearing faja 24/7 in the first 1-3 weeks. This means you shouldn’t sleep without your faja until the doctor approves it. The only time you should take it off is when you shower, of course. However, it’s okay to remove a faja for a few minutes occasionally – if you need a little break. You’ll also need to take it off to wash it. Since this takes a bit more than just a few minutes, it’s recommended to buy a second faja you can wear in the meantime. 

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Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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