Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck

Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck

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Faja is an essential part of recovery after many plastic procedures, including a tummy tuck. Still, finding the perfect brand and model for your needs may be a complex endeavor. What’s the best faja a tummy tuck – what qualities to look for when choosing your compression garment? Read on – we’ve gathered all the necessary information for you. Dive into the top recommendations for the Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck at Navanah to ensure optimal healing.

Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck

Importance of Faja in Tummy Tuck Recovery

Faja is an elastic compression garment that’s used during recovery after certain plastic surgeries like tummy tucks. This post-op supply offers numerous benefits that speed up the recovery and make it less uncomfortable. 

Fajas reduce post-op swelling (consequently reducing pain as well), help stabilize the new contours of the body, provide support, and help with skin retraction. Additionally, wearing a faja also has protective benefits – a faja reduces the risk of blood clots by improving circulation, and it prevents infection because it serves as a physical barrier that protects surgical incisions. 

Features to Consider in a Tummy Tuck Faja

The quality of your faja is extremely important – it’s important to choose the brand that makes high-quality compression garments that will do their job well. So, what to look for when choosing a faja after a tummy tuck?

Features to Consider in a Tummy Tuck Faja

Compression and Adjustable Closure

Of course, compression is the most vital factor. It’s important to know that a faja should never be too tight. Yes, it must provide support and prevent swelling, but it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. – the goal is gentle pressure. You should feel comfortable and be able to move easily in your faja. A good rule of thumb says that there should be enough space for your hand under a faja. Fajas should have zippers or hook-and-eye closures – it’s important that the closure is easily adjusted, so there’s no issue when putting it on or taking it off. 

Durability and Longevity

Choosing a faja made out of quality materials is important. You might be tempted to go for a cheaper garment, but this may cost you more in the long run. It’s best to pick models from brands that use high-quality, breathable materials that will feel pleasant on the skin and will remain intact longer. 

Top Recommendations – Navanah’s Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck

One of the top-rated faja companies is Navanah – our fajas are made from top materials and manufactured in Colombia. The design is excellent, providing support, comfort, and a pleasant recovery after plastic surgery. Our tummy tuck binders will help you get through the post-op period effortlessly – check out our collections and order the perfect faja for your needs. 

Top Recommendations - Navanah's Best Faja for a Tummy Tuck

How to Properly Use a Faja Post Tummy Tuck?

Faja should be worn all the time in the first few weeks after surgery. The only exception is when you shower. You can actually take it off for a few minutes at a time if you wish to give yourself a little break. The faja should feel comfortable on you – not too tight. Choose loose and soft clothes to wear over the faja. Be sure to wash your faja often – buy a second garment to wear while the first one gets washed and dried. 

How Long Should You Wear a Faja After Tummy Tuck?

In most cases, faja needs to be worn for 4-6 weeks after a tummy tuck surgery. Of course, it all depends on what your doctor recommends, so it’s best to consult with them after surgery to find out how long you should wear a faja


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