When to Wear Stage 2 Faja After Tummy Tuck

When to Wear Stage 2 Faja After Tummy Tuck?

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Faja is a compression garment that you’ll wear after a tummy tuck. Fajas are divided into three groups depending on which stage of recovery they are used in. How will you know when to transition from stage 1 to 2? When to wear stage 2 faja after a tummy tuck? You will find an answer in the text below. Discover our Stage 2 Faja at Navanah, meticulously crafted for this specific phase. Equip yourself with a faja that offers both comfort and the support needed for this pivotal stage in your recovery journey.

When to Wear Stage 2 Faja After Tummy Tuck

What Are the Stages of Wearing Faja?

Fajas are divided into three groups depending on their compression level – there are stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3. You start with stage 1 faja immediately after the surgery and then proceed to stages 2 and 3 in the following weeks. Stage 1 fajas offer the lowest level of compression because the patient is quite swollen after their surgery. As they recover, the swelling starts to decrease – at some point, stage 1 faja becomes too loose and needs to be replaced with stage 2 faja, which offers better support and compression. 

When to Move to a Stage 2 Faja After Tummy Tuck?

A rule of thumb says that you should wear stage 1 faja for the first two weeks of your post-op recovery. This means that most people transition to stage 2 faja in week 3. Stage 2 faja is usually worn until the end of week 4, but it can be worn a bit longer if the healing process is going slower than anticipated. These fajas offer optimal compression and help the results of the surgery show – wearing them will help sculpt your waist, keep the skin in place, tighten the muscles, and prevent fat from depositing in the operated areas. 

When to Move to a Stage 2 Faja After Tummy Tuck

Assess Healing Progress

We must keep in mind that everyone’s body is different – we won’t all heal the same after a tummy tuck, and some will need longer to recover than others. That’s why it’s important to consult with your doctor about transitioning from one stage to another. 

They will be able to examine you and tell if you’re ready to move to stage 2 faja after two weeks. If your healing process is taking a bit longer, don’t worry. You will get there – you might have to wear fajas for a little while longer, but you’ll get all those results of your tummy tuck surgery that you’ve been dreaming of. 

Features and Benefits of Navanah’s Stage 2 Faja

When you’re choosing a faja for your recovery, it’s important to pick a model that’s manufactured well. A faja should be made of quality materials that will feel pleasant on your skin – remember, you’ll be wearing this piece of garment for weeks. Navanah has exactly what you need. 

Our company offers a variety of outstanding compression garments that will exceed your expectations. Manufactured in Colombia, our products are popular among many who undergo plastic surgery thanks to stellar craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality. Be sure to browse through Navanah’s collection and find your perfect stage 2 faja. 

Features and Benefits of Navanah's Stage 2 Faja

How to Wear and Care for Your Stage 2 Faja?

You will have to wear a faja 24/7 until your doctor says it’s okay to sleep without a faja – then, you’ll slowly decrease the amount of time per day that you’ll wear it. This process can take weeks. During the initial recovery, you can only take off your faja when showering and when you need to wash it. Excellent Navanah’s fajas don’t require any special care because they’re made of quality materials, but remember – you’ll need two fajas. One should be a reserve that you’ll wear when the other one is being washed and dried. 


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Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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