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When can I sleep without a bra after breast augmentation?

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Breast Augmentation is an advanced cosmetic procedure that improves your breasts’ shape, size, volume, and contours. However, better results depend on postoperative care. Sleep is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Board-certified surgeons in Miami recommend resting, sleeping, and avoiding strenuous activity during the postoperative recovery period. 

Although resting is essential, it is different from getting deep sleep. For instance, when you go to sleep, your brain and body go into a healing state, repairing damaged tissues and allowing them to rejuvenate cells, tissues, and other soft structures. Likewise, proper sleep improves blood flow to the tissues. 

The purpose is to supply more oxygen and nutrients to the healing tissues. Your body releases growth hormones and stimulates tissue repair. It also regulates inflammatory responses during the recovery period. When can I sleep without a bra after breast augmentation? Today’s article will answer this question. Read on! 

When Can I Stop Wearing a Bra After Breast Augmentation

Board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons in Miami recommend patients not to go braless for at least six to eight weeks after surgery. A surgical bra or compression garment supports your breasts and implants, ensuring optimal healing and rehabilitation. 

Although you can stop wearing your surgical bra after two weeks, you must wear a non-underwire supportive to ensure proper healing. Remember, you must wear a bra at night and day for an additional two to three weeks. Depending on your healing status, you can sleep without a bra after six or eight weeks. 

When Can You Sleep Flat After Breast Augmentation

Many women show concern about their sleeping routine and position after breast augmentation surgery. The postoperative period is sensitive, meaning you must follow your health provider’s guidelines to optimize the process and ensure proper healing. Sleep disruption is a significant problem for most women, especially when they have a habit of sleeping flat. 

Board-certified plastic surgeons in Miami recommend sleeping on your back for at least four to six weeks following the procedure. The purpose is to allow scar capsule formation around the implants and reduce the deformation risk caused by sleeping on implants. 

Once your bruising and swelling have reduced or gone, you can sleep flat on your back. Consult your health provider before sleeping flat on your back to determine whether you are ready to sleep in this position. The purpose is to ensure comfort. Remember, you can’t roll onto your sleep while asleep. 

Best Ideas to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

Sleeping on your back in an elevated position is the best way to reduce the risk of damage to implants. While this position is challenging for some women, it keeps your upper body in a natural position, minimizes swelling, and increases blood circulation to promote healing. 

In addition, sleeping in this position allows the patient to get in and out of bed quickly. It does not strain muscles and tissues in the chest. Here are a few tips to sleep after breast augmentation. 

  1. Positions After Breast Augmentation

Your health provider or surgeon will recommend sleeping in a recliner for a few days or weeks following the procedure. You can sleep with or without pillows popping up your torso. 

We recommend using pillows to reduce soreness and inflammation in your breast. Elevating your upper body also speeds up scar tissues formation. The purpose is to accelerate the healing process. 

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is directly proportional to promoting a good night’s sleep; for example, you can focus on trait mindfulness, which improves your sleep quality by changing your sleep habits. 

In addition, mindfulness creates the mental space required for proper and deep sleep. You can combine mindfulness with other strategies to change your behavior regarding your sleep position. Thus, you won’t feel discomfort when sleeping in an elevated position. 

  1. Move Around

Exercise increases blood flow to your brain, causing it to release dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and melatonin. Serotonin and dopamine improve your mood by suppressing stress, endorphins play a critical role in reducing pain, and melatonin optimizes your circadian rhythm. 

Although you can’t run, swim, or perform other strenuous activities, taking shorter walks from room to room in your home is ideal for increasing blood circulation and accelerating wound healing. Increased blood flow also reduces the risk of blood clots and infections. 

What to do Next?

Moon Plastic Surgery is a reputable clinic in Miami with experienced and certified surgeons. Our surgeon has helped hundreds of women in achieving their cosmetic goals. If you want to improve your breasts’ shape/size or need more information on the postoperative recovery period, you can call Moon Plastic Surgery between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.

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