When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation?

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Sleep is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. However, most patients who undergo Breast Augmentation Miami find it challenging to sleep properly after the procedure. The primary reason behind this is not following your health provider’s instructions or focusing on postoperative guidelines. Read on! 

How long do I need to sleep elevated after breast augmentation?

Proper sleep is vital for your physical health and mental wellbeing. Sleeping in an elevated position is mandatory after breast augmentation to avoid complications. It reduces inflammation and pain. 

At the same time, it also prevents you from experiencing complications, such as capsular contracture. Therefore, we recommend sleeping in an inclined position at 45 degrees angle for at least 6-8 weeks. 

Best Position for sleeping after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery requires patients to sleep on their back for some time during the postoperative habitation period. Sleeping on your back is an excellent way to avoid disturbing your incisions and implants. 

However, if you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you will find it challenging to sleep on your back. That’s why reputable cosmetic surgeons recommend their patients to sleep on their back 2-3 weeks before undergoing surgery. 

The purpose is to ensure a comfortable transition and streamline the entire process during the rehabilitation period. So, the best position is to sleep on your back after the surgery with your upper body elevated. 

You can get the job done by sleeping in a recliner or pillows. The purpose is to reduce swelling and soreness in your breast tissues. Moreover, sleeping in a recliner improves mobility and prevents pressure or tension on your upper body. 

When can I sleep without a bra after breast augmentation?

The general rule of thumb is to sleep with your bra after breast augmentation because it keeps your breast safe and provides them with good support. However, if you want to sleep without a bra after breast augmentation on special occasions, such as making love with your partner, you can do it after six weeks. Generally, it is a bad habit to sleep braless. 

How to sleep after BBL and breast augmentation

Some women undergo BBL and breast augmentation simultaneously during the mommy makeover procedure. The question is: How to sleep after undergoing both procedures? Most women ask this question because sleeping on the back is risky for muscles and tissues in your buttocks. At the same time, sleeping on your stomach can cause complications in your breast tissues. 

Although it becomes more challenging for women to sleep on their back or stomach, fortunately, there are ways to prevent complications and sleep comfortably. For example, you can place pillows under your back and thighs. 

That way, you can relieve the pressure from your butt and breasts. Although you can use supportive pillows designed for breast augmentation recovery patients, you can leverage regular pillows if you follow your doctor’s guidelines. 

Another best position to sleep after your cosmetic surgery is on your side. However, it requires you to take precautionary measures, such as using a pillow under your breasts to avoid pressure on them. You can also wear a clinically-approved supportive/surgical bra to keep your incisions and implants in place. 

Sleeping on Stomach after Breast Augmentation

Sleeping on the stomach is the habit of many women. However, this sleeping position does not align with breast augmentation surgery. When you sleep on your stomach during the rehabilitation period, your breasts will feel uncomfortable and painful. 

Therefore, avoid this position until your breast tissues have fully healed. In addition, sleeping on your stomach can disturb the position of implants and prevent them from settling correctly. Once your breast tissues have fully recovered, and your health provider permits you to sleep on your stomach, go ahead and enjoy. 

Sleep tips after Breast Augmentation

Maintaining a proper sleeping position is essential for reliable, quicker, and effective rehabilitation and recovery. As mentioned earlier, you must sleep on your back in an elevated position for a few weeks. 

The purpose is to keep your breasts in a natural position, reduce swelling/inflammation, and increase blood flow to the tissues. In addition, use surgical pillows or regular pillows to provide additional support to your breasts. 

You can also place a soft pillow under each arm to prevent your body from rolling during your sleep at night. Placing a pillow under your knees is an excellent way to maintain your spinal alignment. A recliner likewise is helpful to keep your upper body elevated. 

Final Words 

Breast Augmentation Miami is an advanced procedure that allows women to improve their breasts’ shape, size, flexibility, and appearance. Call us today for more information on Breast Augmentation Miami. 

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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