tummy tuck failure

Tummy Tuck Failure

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The tummy tuck is normally one of the most fulfilling types of cosmetic procedures performed in the field of cosmetic surgery due to its dramatic transformative effect. At the same time, not every patient is satisfied with the outcome of their procedure. In such cases, a patient might need to undergo a revision procedure to achieve their treatment goals.

If you recently underwent a tummy tuck and were unsatisfied with your results, consider the guidelines below to help decide if you should undergo revision surgery or not. If you are looking for a Tummy Tuck in Miami you can contact us at this link.

Give It Some Time

Most types of cosmetic surgery involve some waiting before the final effects become evident. This has a lot to do with the fact that incisions were needed during the surgical procedure, leading to some significant swelling and inflammation. It takes time for your body to repair itself and lose this puffiness so that you can see what your final outcome will be.

So what you consider to be a negative result may just be your body working its way through the healing and recovery process. Many plastic surgeons advise their patients to wait a minimum of one year prior to making any type of final judgment about the results of their tummy tuck procedure.

One exception to this ‘Waiting Rule’ is if you experience a major post-procedure deformity. In that case, you could shorten your waiting time to at least six months. This should give your body sufficient time to recover before you undergo another surgical procedure.

Is it fat or skin that is left over?

If you have waited the suggested amount of time to give your body time to heal and were still dissatisfied with your results, you should examine why.

Some typical reasons why people request a tummy tuck revision are:

  • Incomplete skin or tissue removal
  • Lingering fat deposits
  • Fatty bulges developing around the midsection

Distortion of Belly Button

Woman with Distortion of belly Button

Another common reason why some patients consider revision surgery is due to the improper healing of the belly button. Some patients find that their belly button appears overly small following their tummy tuck, while others develop a stretched-out look or elongated slit in the area.

Your plastic surgeon should be able to reshape your belly button if it has become distorted after your tummy tuck, although it may be better to specifically address it using belly button revision surgery. If the appearance of your belly button is the only thing that you’re dissatisfied with, you may want to go with a simple belly button revision, as it is much simpler than a complete tummy tuck and has a shorter recovery time.

How will I know if my tummy tuck was not completely successful?

Potential problems that can develop after a tummy tuck:

Asymmetry No one is completely symmetrical on their left and right sides. What you are looking for is a noticeable difference after your tummy tuck. In some cases, liposuction may be enough to correct this.
Dog Ears This is scrunched-up skin on either end of the tummy tuck incision. It is an instance where waiting may improve the situation. If it does not smooth out eventually, you would need a minor revision procedure to snip the dog ears and re-suture the incision, which also involves a small lengthening of the scar.
Excessive Scarring It is normal to experience some degree of scarring after a tummy tuck; however, severe scars may need correction with a laser treatment or other therapy so that they fade and shrink.

Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair

tummy tuck muscle repair

It is normal to feel full faster after eating when you have undergone a muscle repair with your tummy tuck procedure. This is because there is less room now inside your abdominal cavity because your muscles have been tightened. This type of situation normally resolves on its own within four to six weeks.

Another common reason why someone may want to undergo a tummy tuck repair is that they are simply unsatisfied with their results. They are unhappy with the overall appearance and results of their tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Revision Surgery

Tummy tuck revisions are almost always harder than the original procedure. Be sure to thoroughly explore all of your treatment options with your plastic surgeon.

When you consult with your surgeon about a tummy tuck revision, be sure that you discuss all issues involved. You will need to work with your plastic surgeon to develop a plan that addresses everything that you are concerned about.

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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