How to Prevent Fat Necrosis after BBL

How to Prevent Fat Necrosis after BBL

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Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is an advanced, cutting-edge fat transfer procedure that improves your butt’s size and shape. The procedure involves extracting and harvesting fat tissues from one area of your body through liposuction and injecting it into the butt to make your buttocks appear more appealing, well-rounded, and plumper. 

The health provider gives the patient general anesthesia to perform the procedure. However, unlike silicone implants, BBL generally does not require foreign elements or substances to inject into the patient’s body. Many women and men undergo BBL to achieve more natural results, making the procedure more effective than implants. 

Besides, BBL uses the patient’s own fat tissues, reducing the risk of adverse reactions usually associated with butt implants and other cosmetic procedures for buttocks improvement. Make sure you choose a qualified and board-certified surgeon with years of experience to achieve the desired results. 

Otherwise, you will experience numerous complications, including fat necrosis, which is painful, discomforting, and agonizing. Fat necrosis occurs when the fat tissue undergoes injuries or damages due to oily content that replaces the fatty tissues. Necrosis leads to inflammation, pain, and death of fat tissues. 

Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

The general causes of fat necrosis are radiation, trauma, and improper care after cosmetic procedures like BBL. The question is: how do you prevent fat necrosis after this cosmetic surgery? Today’s article will answer the question “How to prevent fat necrosis after BBL” by giving you a list of preventative solutions. Read on! 

You Will NOT Be Able to Sit After BBL

Sitting on your buttocks after BBL can increase the risk of fat necrosis. Health providers usually advise patients to avoid sitting, lying, and putting pressure on their buttocks for at least four weeks following the procedure. 

Therefore, refraining from sitting on your buttocks for a few weeks is a wise and informed decision to prevent the risk of fat necrosis. Once your doctor permits, you can sit on your buttocks. 

However, we recommend using a nursing or donut-shaped pillow to reduce pressure on your backside. That way, you can alleviate tension and stress on your buttocks and streamline the healing process. 

Pay Attention for Any Adverse Symptoms

Keeping an eye on symptoms of fat necrosis is essential to prevent discomfort, inflammation, pain, and cell death. The physical symptoms of fat necrosis are the development of lumps with redness, bruises, and thicker clots on your buttocks. So, make sure you pay attention to these signs and consult your doctor immediately when feeling discomfort, swelling, and pain. 

Inflammatory compounds and chemicals released by your body during the rehabilitation period can directly affect the adipose tissue and cause its death. Your doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory medications to keep swelling or inflammation at bay, depending on your health status. 

Avoid Strenuous Activities/Physical

Although exercise and physical activities are beneficial for your overall physical and mental health, working out immediately after BBL can increase the risk of fat necrosis. Doctors advise patients to refrain from strenuous activities for at least six weeks. 

The purpose is to keep your body muscles at rest and allow the newly transferred fat tissues to heal correctly during the rehabilitation period. During the recovery period, fat cells receive blood supply to speed up the healing process. 

When you exercise, the yet-to-settle fat cells undergo injuries or damages due to increased pressure on the buttocks. Once the recovery period is over, you can resume your regular exercise regimen.  

Do not sit on your buttocks for three weeks

BBL is an effective and safe procedure that produces excellent cosmetic results, mainly when the patient follows the health provider’s guidelines. For instance, this includes wearing a compression garment to speed up the healing process by reducing swelling and bruising in the treated area. 

In addition, BBL recovery becomes a slow process when you sit on your buttocks during the first three weeks following the procedure. Not only does this increase the risk of fat necrosis, but this can also cause other complications. Therefore, it is wise to take shorter walks around the room or keep your body in the upright/standing position. 

Some patients sit down on their buttocks after two weeks and feel no symptoms of fat necrosis. Although this seems a good sign, it is best to avoid putting pressure on your butt for at least three weeks to streamline the recovery process.  

Avoid direct sun exposure on suctioned areas

Sunlight has a significant impact on a person’s overall appearance. UV light generated from the sun can cause skin texture issues, leading to spotty and splotchy pigmentation. The problem worsens when you directly expose the suctioned areas to sunlight. 

Therefore, it is wise to avoid sun exposure after undergoing BBL in Miami. Sun exposure, short-term and long-term, can negatively affect your fat tissue healing process and impact the overall results of BBL. 

In addition, exposure to sunlight can increase swelling and bruising in the treated areas. Remember, a more pronounced swelling can cause inflammation and increase the risk of fat necrosis. So, follow your doctor’s advice to optimize the recovery process. 

No Smoking

No Smoking before and after BBL

Because fat necrosis is due to reduced blood and nutrient flow to the treated area, make sure you avoid smoking to speed up the recovery process and allow fat cells to heal appropriately. 

No smoking is directly proportional to maximizing your BBL in Miami results. Even if someone smokes in your home, ask them to smoke outside because second-hand smoking can deteriorate the overall recovery process. 

Remember, the newly transferred blood cells with fat tissues need to re-establish blood supply and receive more oxygen and nutrients. That way, fat tissues/cells survive in the new environment and settle quickly. 

Final Words 

BBL in Miami is an advanced cosmetic surgery that produces natural results, unlike other procedures, such as butt augmentation and silicone implants. It is a safe procedure with a reduced risk of infections, thanks to the smaller incisions made by the surgeon. 

However, patients who fail to streamline the recovery/rehabilitation period are at high risk of experiencing fat necrosis. Follow the tips above to prevent fat necrosis, speed up the healing process, and ensure your buttocks appear fuller, rounder, and plumper. 

So, is Skinny BBL safer than traditional BBL?

While all surgical procedures carry risks, Skinny BBL may present a reduced risk of fat necrosis compared to traditional BBL. However, it’s essential to consult with a skilled surgeon experienced in Skinny BBL to understand the procedure’s specific risks and benefits for your individual situation.


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