How Painful Is Breast Augmentation

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation?

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Breast augmentation is an excellent option for women looking to alter their breasts’ position, size, shape, and contour. It is a practical, risk-free, cost-effective surgery to refine your breasts’ shape and size. 

Breast Augmentation in Miami can change the size and shape of your breasts and add volume to them. The procedure can lead to complications if you fail to follow the surgeon’s instructions during the postoperative or rehabilitation period. Therefore, it is critical to follow the guidelines to reduce the risks of increased pain. 

On the other hand, a breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that does not change the breast’s size. However, it can change the shape of your breasts. You can undergo this surgery to achieve rounder, perkier, and more youthful-looking breasts. Today’s article will discuss pain associated with breast augmentation. Read on! 

When Does the Pain Stop After Breast Augmentation?

Research shows that pain after breast augmentation will remain severe and cause significant discomfort. It is crucial to avoid strenuous activity, take medications prescribed by your surgeon, and eat healthy food to reduce pain. 

Bear in mind that the pain will take at least 6-8 weeks to go away. If you feel pain or discomfort after six weeks, make sure you consult your surgeon to seek appropriate treatment. 

Burning Pain After Breast Augmentation

Although burning sensation is normal after breast augmentation surgery, consult your health provider if it does not go away after a few days. The burning sensation is due to the stretching of muscles and nerves in the chest area. The good news is that these sensations usually clear up on their own within a few days. 

In addition, you will feel fatigued due to the burning sensation in your breasts for a few days. The maximum discomfort usually occurs in the first 4 to 5 days after surgery. If you feel numbness in the incision site or nipples, make sure you consult your health provider, especially if it continues for more than a week or two. 

Arm Pain After Breast Augmentation

Arm pain after breast augmentation is one of the most significant side effects or complications. The condition, also known as lymphedema, causes swelling in your arm and leads to moderate or severe pain, depending on the intensity of inflammation. 

Not only does lymphedema cause inflammation and discomfort, but it can also cause infections and change the posture of your body. Musculoskeletal issues caused by this condition are often due to arm weight changes. Sometimes, pain in the arm is due to the capsular contractor or leaking silicone gel. 

How Painful is a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

While discomfort, inflammation, and pain after breast augmentation is the most expected side effect or part of the healing process, women who usually undergo this surgery does not feel a lot of pain than they typically think of – however, it is crucial to stay in touch with your surgeon and follow the guidance to avoid complications. 

Most women experience mild to moderate pain after the surgery. Pain remains at its peak for 4-5 days following the surgery and subsides afterward. You can use pain medications or muscle relaxants prescribed by your surgeon to reduce discomfort, especially severe and unbearable. 

Moreover, your breast will feel sore for at least 2-3 weeks. You may also experience a lot of swelling due to the pulling and stretching of your breast tissues. However, this sensation is not as painful as most women expect. OTC drugs, such as Tylenol, Advil, and ibuprofen, are excellent pain management medications. 

Painful Incision After Breast Augmentation

During the rehabilitation period, soreness, tenderness, and pain around the incision are other complications. That’s why we recommend keeping the incisions clean and dry to prevent bacterial infections, itchiness, irritation, and other harmful effects. 

You may lose nipple sensitivity due to incisions near them. However, proper rest and care for your incisions based on your health provider’s instructions can help you prevent the risk of hypersensitive. 

Breast Augmentation Miami is an advanced procedure that produces excellent contouring and cosmetic results for women with breast problems due to aging, pregnancy, or hormonal changes. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our qualified surgeon. 


Q: What day is the most painful after breast augmentation

The pain usually is at its peak during the first to three days following the procedure. Although pain goes way every passing day, the discomfort subsides by 2-3 weeks after the procedure. 

Q: Which is more painful, breast reduction or augmentation

Pain and discomfort associated with breast reduction and augmentation are normal during recovery. However, breast reduction surgery is more painful than augmentation. 

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