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How Long after Mommy Makeover can I Exercise

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Exercise is an integral component of your day-to-day life, improving your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise restrictions depend on a specific surgical procedure you have undergone. 

For instance, some mommy makeover procedures, such as abdominoplasty without muscle repair, have faster rehabilitation, meaning you can quickly come back to your day-to-day routine. 

Likewise, if you have undergone a breast lift without implants, you can quickly return to your exercise routine. On the other hand, if you have undergone breast augmentation with implants, returning to your workout regimen will take some time. 

The average time to resume your daily workout after a mommy makeover is two to three weeks. However, it depends on your recovery rate and health status. Sometimes, you may need four to six weeks to resume exercise or physical activities. 

It is crucial to follow the postoperative instructions to avoid risks and complications. That way, you can achieve your desired results. Keep in mind mommy makeover involves making changes to a large part of your body, meaning your body will take some time to heal. 

Therefore, exercising too soon after your mommy maker will put immense pressure on your body and cause severe complications. It is better to stay in touch with your health provider and follow the guidelines closely to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Can I Do Squats After Mommy Makeover?

Woman doing Squats after Mommy Makeover

Your health provider will advise you to avoid heavy exercise and strenuous activities for at least four to six weeks, depending on your health status. However, you can perform low-impact exercises, such as light cardio workouts, walking, lunges, and squats.

Squats are 100% safe after a mommy makeover, strengthening your core muscles, including gluteus maximus and quads. However, it is wise to follow exercise rules and stay mindful of engaging your muscles. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! 

How Long after Mommy Makeover can I Lift Weights?

When you lift weights, you engage your abdominal muscles, meaning you put pressure on these structures. So, avoid weightlifting and CrossFit training for at least six weeks after a mommy makeover. After six weeks, you can resume exercise focused on the arms using light weights. 

Besides, prevent yourself from overdoing the weightlifting exercise. Otherwise, your muscles may experience overuse injury and complicate the healing process. Whether you lift weights, jog, run, or swim, we recommend following the rules and avoiding the overuse of muscles.

The general rule of thumb is to focus on how your body feels during the exercise. If lifting weights after six weeks puts pressure on your abdominal muscles, stop immediately and talk to your doctor. Here is a general routine you can follow during the rehabilitation period. 

First Two WeeksMaintain shorter walks throughout the day. Avoid heavy lifting. 
Week Three and FourMaintain shorter walks and perform lighter cardiovascular exercises
Week Four and FiveResume non-abdominal workouts and start lifting lightweights
Week Seven and EightsResume weight training and transition from lifting light weights to heavyweights to strengthen your muscles 

Lift Weights After Mommy Makeover Affect My Results?

Weightlifting after a mommy makeover can affect the structure and function of your muscles and cause significant damage. There is no need to perform heavy exercise for at least six weeks. 

Even if you feel good after two to three weeks, keep in mind that your body is still healing from a major surgical procedure. So, refrain from any kind of heavy workout or activity until recommended or permitted by your health provider. 

When your muscles have reduced inflammation and swelling, you will notice the results. Remember, it takes about six to twelve months to fully observe the results of a mommy makeover. Lifting weights too soon can affect the cosmetic results and cause complications like: 

  • Increased inflammation
  • Severe discomfort and pain 
  • Implant displacement 
  • Breast implant rupture 
  • Slow healing or recovery 
  • Increased stress 
  • Ineffective cosmetic results 
  • Severe infections 

Final Words

Mommy makeover is an advanced, cutting-edge procedure to restore a woman’s body after pregnancy or childbirth. The procedure involves removing fat tissues accumulated in your body and restoring the volume of breasts, abdominal muscles, and buttocks. The rehabilitation period requires following the postoperative guidelines, including refraining from heavy exercise and weightlifting. 

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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