Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

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Breasts are one of the most attractive and appealing features of a woman’s body. Not only do fuller, elastic, and voluminous breasts give women an esthetically pleasing appearance, but they also improve their self-confidence. Breasts are special assets and are primarily appreciated by men. 

So, beautiful breasts are something everyone loves, including women and men. Everyone loves to have fuller and more beautiful breasts. However, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight loss/gain, etc., can take a massive toll on your upper body’s appearance, particularly your breasts. 

Thanks to advanced medical technologies, such as Breast Augmentation Miami, you can overcome these issues and achieve your goals. Breast augmentation and implants are popular procedures, and today’s article will highlight the primary difference between them. Read on! 

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery performed to increase breast size, volume, and fulness. It involves placing implants under the chest or breast tissue. The purpose of breast augmentation is to increase self-confidence and improve your upper body’s appearance. Another reason for undergoing this cosmetic procedure is to rebuild the breast. 

What Are Breast Implants?

Breasts implants are prostheses used to change a woman’s breast’s contour, shape, and size. It is an integral part of reconstructive plastic surgery and inserted into a woman’s chest to restore a natural-looking breast. 

The procedure is usually performed after a mastectomy to correct a woman’s chest wall’s congenital defects and deformity problems. In addition, breast implants can enlarge the overall appearance of a woman’s breasts via augmentation. 

What types of breast implants are available?

Breast augmentation is a sophisticated surgery that benefits the majority of women, allowing them to improve their breasts’ appearance. Not only does augmentation increase your breasts’ size, but it also ensures perkier, fuller, and elevation of breasts on the chest wall. Here are different types of implants. Continue reading! 


Saline implants are the most popular materials used for breast augmentation. The outer shell made of silicone contains saline or saltwater solution. Although some implants are pre-filled, a surgeon fills the implant during the surgery based on the patient’s needs. Moreover, saline-filled implants come in various shapes and sizes, with smooth or textured shells. 


In addition to Saline-filled implants, silicone implants are another popular product approved by the FDA, leading to more fulfilling results. Silicone implants contain a thick, sticky silicone fluid that mimics the natural human fat. Experts recommend silicone implants for women aged 22 or above, making them an ideal choice for breast augmentation. 

Gummy Bear 

Gummy bear implants contain highly cohesive silicone get material, leading to improved stability and ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing appearance by holding their shape for a prolonged period. Cosmetic surgeons recommend gummy bear implants because they remain stable even if the implant shell undergoes breakage, thanks to the thick liquid or gel inside. 


Round implants are spherical with the exact dimensions across the implant. These implants contain a more free-flowing material, and they don’t hold a specific shape. As a result, your breasts are softer to touch and appear rounder and fuller. 


As the name indicates, smooth implants move around freely by mimicking the natural breast tissue, giving your upper body a softer, rounder, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. 


Unlike smooth implants, the textured ones have a rough surface, allowing for more adherence to the breast’s tissues surrounding them. The purpose of using these breast implants is to prevent movement and hold a better position. Surgeons use these implants to reduce the risk of scarring. Moreover, these implants are ideal for women with mastectomies. 

Breast implants silicone vs. saline

Although there are different types of implants available on the market, saline and silicone are the most popular ones. Saline-filled implants have sterile saline or saltwater and are often filled by the surgeon during the procedure.

On the other hand, silicone implants have shells filled with silicone or plastic gel. Women who undergo breast augmentation with silicone implants have more natural breasts than saline. 

However, silicone-based implants are more prone to leakages if not taken care of, leading to severe consequences. The cost of saline and silicone implants depends on various factors, such as location, surgeon’s skills, quality of implant, etc. 

Final Words 

Do you want to improve your breasts’ shape and size? If yes, you can undergo Breast Augmentation Miami to achieve your cosmetic goals. We have a highly trained, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon who uses high-quality implants based on your specific needs. The purpose is to reduce the risk of complications and ensure you achieve fuller, beautiful, and youthful breasts. Contact us today for more information on our breast augmentation services. 

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

Dr. John E. Nees, MD

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