Breast Reduction Tattoos

Breast Reduction Tattoos

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One concern most women have when looking to undergo breast reduction surgery is scars formation. Although breast reduction is an excellent cosmetic procedure to reshape or resize your breasts and align/proportionate them with your body. The procedure involves removing excess fat tissues in your chest or breast area. 

However, it is impossible to remove excess tissues from your chest without incisions. So, this means you will experience scars formation during the postoperative period. Hiring a professional plastic surgeon in Miami is essential to reduce the risk of scars after surgery

Depending on how your surgeon has performed the surgery, you may experience lollipop-shaped scars around your areola. You may also experience anchor-shaped scars around the areola and the inframammary crease. So, can you cover scars with a tattoo? Here is everything you need to know! 

Can I get a tattoo after breast reduction?

Yes, you can get a tattoo to conceal breast reduction scars. According to our board-certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Miami, tattoos are an excellent solution to cover or disguise visible incision lines or scars. However, it is crucial to wait until you have fully recovered from the breast reduction surgery. 

Otherwise, getting a tattoo can put extra pressure on your skin and increase infection risks. Consult a professional plastic surgeon in Miami to plan a tattoo to cover your scars resulting from the breast reduction surgery. 

For example, whether your scars are underneath your breasts or near the fold, consulting a qualified and skilled surgeon is essential to determine whether your healing has concluded. That way, you can prevent the risk of complications associated with tattoos. 

In addition, find a professional tattoo artist with years of experience with tattooing scar tissues. Remember, concealing scars with a tattoo is a daunting and complex process, so finding a professional artist is essential to achieving your desired cosmetic goals. 

Although the complete healing/recovery varies from person to person, the average recovery period is between 12 and 18 months after breast reduction surgery. Consult your plastic surgeon before getting a tattoo to determine that the scar has reached its full healing potential. 

Tattoos to cover breast reduction scars

A tattoo covers and hides the scar, allowing women to wear their favorite clothes without losing their self-confidence and show their feminine beauty. Women who do not cover their breast scars with tattoos often go through negative experiences, especially when wearing a tank top or bra on public beaches. 

Research studies show that tattooing is an effective method to reduce or cover the scars’ visibility and effects. However, a tattoo may not cover specific scars. That’s why some artists refuse to tattoo scars that have resulted from breast reduction surgery. Here are some of the best tattoos to cover scar tissues! 

Under Boob Tattoo 

Under the boob is the most trendy tattoo to cover scars under your breasts. Under the boob tattoo, also known as chest tattoo or sternum tattoo, covers the area directly below your breasts. Sometimes, it extends from your breast’s curvature under the cleavage over to the sternum. It also hides scars on your rib areas and side breasts, depending on your needs. 

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Under Boob & Sternum Tattoo 

This under boob & sternum tattoo is very intimate and perfectly covers the scars on your breasts, making them appear least visible. You can hide or flaunt this tattoo based on your needs. 

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Dainty Under Boob Tattoo

If you prefer a minimalistic style tattoo to perfectly cover your breast reduction scars, you can get the dainty under boob tattoo. Not only is this tattoo beautiful, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing, but it also conceals scar tissue with 100% invisibility. 

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Red Ink Breast Tattoo 

The red ink tattoo is a viable solution for women who want to conceal their breast scars and express their feminine features. It covers the scar tissue on the breast and makes your bosoms appear attractive. 

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Minimalistic Floral Tattoo Over Breasts 

The minimalistic floral tattoo is suitable for scars present on the central areas of your breasts. However, it also has a thin horizontal line of flowers under your breasts. The beautiful reddish/pinkish floral tattoo conceals your scars and helps you improve your self-confidence in public. 

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Black Leaf Tattoo Under Breasts 

The black leaf tattoo is a minimalistic and attractive art to conceal scar tissues under your breasts. The tattoo makes your breasts appear well-contoured, smaller, and beautiful so that you can boost your self-confidence.  

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Floral Double Tattoo 

A soft floral double tattoo is an excellent way to conceal nipples and areolas and cover incisions on your breasts. The tattoo features delicate and beautiful flowers that showcase the curves of your breasts and make them appear lusciously attractive. 

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