BBL Massages in Miami, Florida

BBL Massages in Miami

BBL in Miami is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from your buttocks to create a natural and more contoured backside without causing the risk of infections. Research shows that implants increase the risk of infections, unlike BBL.  The procedure involves liposuction to collect fat tissues from another body area, such as the thighs, abdomen, […]

Whats Better Brazilian Butt Lift or Implant

Whats Better Brazilian Butt Lift or Implant

People with improved buttocks shape have increased self-realization and self-esteem. Embracing big butt or curves is one of the trends in recent years. Most women improve their butt size to engage in social situations actively, achieve more fulfilling relationships with their partners and feel good about themselves.  Although exercises like jump squats, clamshells, donkey kicks, […]

Painful Fat Necrosis after BBL

Painful Fat Necrosis after BBL

Many people undergo BBL to improve their backside’s shape, size, volume, and fullness. BBL is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves fat extraction from other body parts and transferring it to the buttocks.  Although BBL is a practical, reliable, and safe procedure that produces excellent cosmetic results, people who fail to follow their health providers’ […]

How to Prevent Fat Necrosis after BBL

How to Prevent Fat Necrosis after BBL

Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is an advanced, cutting-edge fat transfer procedure that improves your butt’s size and shape. The procedure involves extracting and harvesting fat tissues from one area of your body through liposuction and injecting it into the butt to make your buttocks appear more appealing, well-rounded, and plumper.  The health provider gives […]

Can You Donate fat for BBL?

Donate fat for BBL

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer fat from anyone else because your body will reject the tissue. This could put you at risk for numerous long-term health problems and make a procedure like this unsafe in general. An ideal candidate for BBL has overall stable health with enough fat to undergo the procedure. However, […]

Is BBL and Fat Transfer the Same

BBL and Fat Transfer

Body contouring procedures with BBL in Miami or a fat transfer have become popular cosmetic treatments in the 21st century. Everyone, including men and women, strives to achieve a perfect-looking backside by undergoing BBL, fat transfer, or other procedures.  Although BBL in Miami and a fat transfer have different names, these butt augmentation procedures share […]

When do Fat Cells Stabilize after BBL?

When do Fat Cells Stabilize after BBL

A Brazilian Butt lift, also known as BBL, is an advanced cosmetic procedure that creates more fullness in a person’s backside by transferring fat to the area. The procedure involves fat grafting to produce more natural-looking results. If you are looking for a BBL in Miami, you can contact us. On the other hand, the surgeon gives […]

How Much Fat do You Lose after BBL

How Much Fat do You Lose after BBL

Genetics, age, lifestyle, hormonal changes, and environmental factors determine your body’s shape and skin’s health. Each person has a different fat storage tendency based on these factors. Research shows that musculoskeletal structure plays a critical role in maintaining your overall body appearance.  However, weight fluctuations and changes in the body’s appearance due to pregnancy or […]

Fat Necrosis after BBL

Woman with Fat Necrosis after BBL

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has gained popularity in recent years due to its efficacy, reliability, and safety. The cosmetic procedure involves transferring fat to create fullness in a person’s backside. Unlike silicone buttock implants and other cosmetic procedures, BBL in Miami leads to natural results with fewer risks and complications.  In addition, this cosmetic surgery […]

Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Combination

Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift

Suppose your body looks less than its best because of a recent pregnancy or significant weight fluctuations. In that case, you will probably be looking into your cosmetic surgery options so that you can return to the way that you looked before. Many women choose to combine a tummy tuck procedure with a so-called Brazilian […]